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Fairfield Community Primary School

Happiness and High Standards


Remote Learning

Remote Learning means work being done away from school. It is the work set because a child needs to isolate, if we have had to send a class bubble home or if there is a National Lockdown. 

Please click here for information about Remote Learning at Fairfield, including our Parent Guides. 

If you have any questions or problems please contact school

PE Workouts - click here to access our videos
Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - click here for videos and ideas

School Closure for the National Lockdown

 All children need to access Remote Learning and attend The Daily Live Lesson on TEAMS with their teacher.

The lesson times for every morning (Monday - Friday) are

Thames (Reception) 10.30am
Zambezi (Y1) 10am
Nile (Y2) 10am
Mississippi (Y2/3) 9am
Severn (Y3/4) 9.30am
Amazon (Y4/5) 9.30am
Colorado (Y5) 9.30am
Hudson (Y6) 9.30am

Please check your Parent Hub message for your child's English, Maths and topic units every week. 
All units are accessed on  Oak National Academy.

We have two organisations ready to help families in need: PORCH, led by our Mrs Rowlands and Bradley Fold through our governor, Trevor Holt.

Please let us know in confidence if you need any kind of support. PORCH and Bradley Fold can arrange key item boxes and our Family Support Advisor, Tracey Beswick can speak to you to advise about benefits or “sign post” you to other forms of support. Let us know in confidence of any safeguarding concerns for children or adults and of course, in emergency ring 999.

We will help with domestic violence concerns as well as any issues around wellbeing.

Fairfield School Covid-19 Updates

Below you will see our School Updates, Home School Safety Agreement, Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Online Safety Updates. For Remote Learning information, please click here.

Please remember to check Parent Hub regularly - setting alerts to your phone means you will receive messages immediately. 

Weekly News


The weekly news is excellent. We are welcoming all children back on Monday 8th March.

Online learning will continue next week and the prize winners for the last week are listed on the attachment.

Please come to school to collect prizes.

A reminder of Fun Friday activities tomorrow. Please join in!

Have a good weekend,


C. J. Ashley


We are delighted that schools are set to re-open. We are not staggering the return but are looking forward to all children returning on Monday 8th March. Our systems and timetables will be the same as they were in the autumn term:





Irwell (am)

8.45 am


Irwell (pm)

12.00 pm

3.00 pm


8.55 pm

2.55 pm


8.50 am

2.50 pm


9.00 am

3.00 pm


8.50 am

2.50 pm


8.50 am

2.50 am


9.10 am

3.10 pm


9.00 am

3.00 pm


9.10 am

3. 10 pm


Despite the hope of a normal life that the vaccine has given us, COVID cases in Bury are still very high. We will continue to take every precaution to make school as safe as possible. The Local Authority has reminded us that our Risk Assessment overrides all other concerns and so the temporary rules that we have put in place have still to be followed. Places will be withdrawn if adults do not wear masks on school premises; sadly adults cannot come into the school building and we must reduce the number of adults mixing at arrival and departure times by only having one parent or carer bringing and meeting children. Apologies that this sounds negative but an infection that has limited effect on children and young adults can be taken home with very serious outcomes. We also have huge amounts of catching up to do and losing whole classes for two school weeks when they have to isolate needs to be avoided.

Children will still need to wear PE kit on their coaching day (Wednesday or Thursday) and if Y6 children arrive too early or late, a letter will be sent saying that they must be accompanied by an adult.

Owl Club will be open from 7.50 am until the start of school and then from the end of school to 5.15pm.


Hard Work

Thanks to the majority of families that have kept up learning through attending the Daily Live Lesson and then worked through the Oak Academy lessons. The prize winners are listed on the attachment.


Have a good weekend,


C.J. Ashley



22.2.21 - With apologies school will now not be open to vulnerable pupils on the Monday after half term.

We cannot do it safely. We can only open for the children of hospital and care home staff. - Please see newsletter.

There is an attached information sheet about off screen activities.

There is an attached letter about me - Mr Ashley.

We wish you all a safe and happy half term next week with my thanks to all for getting us through another very challenging half term.

C. J. Ashley

STAFF TRAINING DAY – Monday 22.2.21

With regret safe staffing levels and the need to keep “bubbles” separate during the pandemic means that we can only open for children of parent/carers of hospital staff or care home workers on the staff training day on Monday 22.2.21. We cannot open for the “vulnerable” group. Sorry!!

Parents/ carers of the vulnerable children to whom we had originally hoped to offer places, should email school, or the Family Support Advisor, Tracey Beswick,  if they find themselves in an emergency situation.



Please report any positive cases of COVID-19. If any family member shows symptoms: new cough; high temperature; loss of taste or smell, please get a test and then inform us at . We check every day and need to warn any contacts.



With thanks to Mrs Brown, I am attaching a page of suggestions for activities that can be done with children during the lockdown.



You may find that devices automatically invite children to lessons during half term. Please ignore these. We will be having the wellbeing meet up on Monday 22.2.21 and then the usual lessons start again on Tuesday 23.2.21



We need to see the children’s work in maths, English and Project once per week for assessment and feedback purposes. Please remember to send in the piece of work of which children are most proud, weekly.



With your permission we will be displaying some good work and responses to our PE videos in the Gallery section of the website. Please encourage children to send these in and remind them that the WWW in the website title stands for World Wide Web. The children’s good work could be seen from New York to Timbuctoo.


Well done to the award winners below. Bulldog Pup certificates will be sent out asap. Please send in photos of proud children posing with them!



Bury Local Authority Information


I attach the weekly Bury update and a letter from the Director of Education about remote learning. As usual I thank you for your support of children's learning at home.

A reminder that the first day after after half term, Monday 22nd Feb is a staff training day. The teachers will leave the training for a 30 minute catch up with the children just to check all is well.

On that Monday, school will open for childcare (not learning) for the vulnerable children who attend and the children of hospital workers only.

Other critical workers can return on Tuesday 23.2.21 when remote lessons start again for children at home.

Have a good weekend,


Children's Mental Health Week


Thank you for joining in with Children’s Mental Health Week 2021. We hope you have enjoyed the activities this week.

Today is ‘Dress to Express’ and we hope you have had fun expressing yourself through your clothing!

Activity -
Children can draw and label their clothes and explain how these reflect their feelings. Discuss how we can use colour to express how we are feeling, who we are and the world we live in.

Below is the website for Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 which is full of extra ideas, activities and videos if you wish to take a look.

Have a great day!
Mrs Carlson

Weekly Update


Friday - "Dress to Express" - Home and school.

Fun Friday
Thames - 1.45pm
Zambezi - 1.30pm
Nile - 1pm
Mississippi - 1pm
Severn - 2pm
Amazon - 2.30pm
Colorado - 1.30pm
Hudson - 2pm

PE Puff Out Challenges - website - Covid -19 - PE Workouts

Have a good Friday and weekend,



Thanks for your understanding in changing Live Lesson times yesterday. I have now observed every class in action and teaching staff have observed each other in an effort to see how we can improve.

The main finding was that I am very proud of the children and teachers and that we are reaching most children. However, we will try to improve “engagement” (joining in with interest) through rewards for efforts.


The children will be aiming for the prizes which are shown on the photo attached by earning Bulldog Points.

An important finding was that children need to be up, awake and ready for work. The children in nightclothes, under blankets or eating, were not engaging.

Safeguarding. Obviously, household life has to go on and people need to move around, but it becomes a safeguarding issue if parents are sitting in camera shot for the lesson. Thank you for avoiding this.

In order to give more individual attention, each child will have one extra small group lesson between Monday and Thursday each week. This will start next week and the teachers will send out the exact day and time for your child’s lesson. These lessons are essential for enabling children not to lose even more quality learning and so should be attended.

There is a Fun Friday session each week. The children do not have to attend this - but we hope that they do!! Times are above.


Children’s Mental Health Week

Tomorrow (Friday) children throughout the country will be wearing clothes that express their feelings. This could be a colour or anything that shows how they feel. For example, I will be wearing a Spurs football shirt to show my pure thoughts (??!!) and how I am looking forward to watching “the lilywhites” play again with my family once the virus is under control.


CW/V Children in School –

Some children in Y5 and Y6 are arriving too early and are playing, unsupervised, in a busy carpark used by huge lorries. Please stick strictly to arrival times.

Dress to Express Day - Tomorrow


A reminder that as part of children's mental health week, tomorrow ( Friday 5th February ) is our "Dress to Express Day ". Whether your child is at home, or in school, we are inviting all children to "Dress to Express". We are encouraging children to wear full non uniform and to use colour to express themselves and their feelings. Children at home can come dressed to express to their meetings on TEAMS.

Children's Mental Health Week 2021


Good morning.

Today is "Time to Talk Day ". Attached is a circle time activity with some question starters. These question starters can be completed with 2 or more people and will encourage children to express themselves.

Draw a heart, decorate it with colour or patterns, and explain how the design reflects how we are feeling.

Have a great day!

Mrs Carlson.

Children's Mental Health Week 2021


Good Morning,
This week we are taking part in Children's Mental Health Week 2021 and we will be posting daily activities that we are using to express ourselves in school which you can also complete at home.

Today, please watch the link below and discuss the use of movement, words and masks used in this short video by Fitzrovia Youth in Action.

Encourage children to choose an emotion (e.g. happy, sad, frustrated, joyful etc.) and an art form (dance, singing, mime, writing, painting). Children can then express that feeling in their chosen art form (e.g. dance/frustration - write about frustration or make a mask that depicts frustration).
Thank you.

One Day Only - Change to Daily Live Lesson times


We are always trying to improve our home learning lessons. Tomorrow (Wednesday) teachers will watch lessons so that we can discuss the next steps.
As some lessons clash we have an emergency timetable for tomorrow only:

9 am - Zambezi
9.40 am - Nile
10.20 am - Mississippi
11 am - Colorado
11.40 am - Amazon

1 pm - Thames
1 pm - Severn
1.40 pm - Hudson

Back to normal on Thursday,
Thanks for your co operation,


Children’s Mental Health Week 2021


Good Morning,
This week we are taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 and we will be posting daily activities that we are using to express ourselves in school that your child can also complete at home.

Today, our activity is called ‘Draw your Feelings’ and we will be using art skills to express ourselves. Please watch the clip using the link below and encourage your child to use the ideas in the video to create a picture of how they are feeling.

On Friday (5/2/21), whether your child is at home or in school we are inviting all children to ‘Dress to Express’. We are encouraging children to wear full non-uniform and use colour to express themselves and their feelings.
Have a great day!
Mrs Carlson

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021


This week we are taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week 2021.

In school today at 1.30pm we will be watching the videos below so please watch along at home at this time if you can.

If you cannot make this time do not worry as these videos are available at any time of the day.

To mark the start of Children’s Mental Health Week, The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of Place2Be, has sent a message of support encouraging children and parents to find ways to share their thoughts and feelings, particularly during such a challenging time.

To join us and launch Children’s Mental Health Week please follow the link below to watch the virtual assembly which will feature pupils and well-known faces discussing the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week, as well as ways that children and young people can get involved at home.

We hope that you can join us and take part at home with the daily activities we post.
Thank you, Mrs Carlson

Weekly Update


I have been observing Daily Live Lessons and thank all concerned. Children, teachers and brave grown ups helping at home.

This week's update is about how we can help reward children for being engaged and ready to learn at home.

The first fitness challenges should be on the website soon under Lockdown Learning.

Have a good and safe weekend,


I have been joining in with Daily Live Lessons and I am delighted at the enthusiasm and hard work of most children (and the teachers). The Lockdown is going on until the 8th of February at the very earliest and our staff all agree that we need to be able to improve how children can feedback to us and engage in learning under such difficult circumstances.


We will improve engagement by:


Providing an extra small group lesson in the afternoons –The Friday session will be a “Fun Friday” activity and will start on 5.2.21. The Mon to Friday session on Monday 8th January. Your class times will be sent out next week.

Giving each child a whiteboard and pen to show quick work to the camera. These are ready for collection at the main school entrance whenever you can get here.

Making sure children are up and dressed and ready to work: no jim jams, no blankets, no eating during the lesson! This will help you to keep children in a routine.

Making sure cameras are switched on so that the teacher can see how children are doing.

Receiving one piece of work each week for each subject (English, Maths, Project).

Making sure children are well rewarded through Bulldog Points and prizes e.g 1 BP for being up, dressed and ready to go.


Looking after Mental Health

Next week is Mental Health Week. A special invitation to an assembly will be sent for Monday and on Friday the children will be asked to wear a colour to show how they are feeling. Let’s hope they are nice and bright. Mrs Carlson will be sending home details of each day’s activity next week.


Keeping fit. This is vital to wellbeing. Our keep fit challenges will be on the website later today. Go to Lockdown Learning for our Games Skill Challenge presented by Miss Hewitt (Y6 - an England Under 21 Netball international) and for our PE Puff Outs led by Miss Eddison and Miss Burgess Y4/5 - a Personal Trainer). Anybody, young or old, can join in with my thanks to the three staff members. Send in (to your teacher) videos of your family’s efforts to meet the challenges. Good luck. You’ll need it!


Effort Awards – w/e 22.1.21








Good CVC blending


Learning initial sounds on Reading Eggs



Never stopping his effort.



Rushing home to continue his learning.


Overcoming obstacles at lunchtime.



Excellent enthusiasm in becoming an expert on oceans and seas.


Fantastic effort in reading and recalling “tricky” words.



Always willing to help the meeting by sharing the work he has completed.


Always giving his very best.



High interest in our units of work and being eager to find out what is the next thing to learn.


Determination to improve in reading.



Enthusiasm and using his notes to contribute to his learning.


Learning and remembering number bonds and excellent effort with reading.


Olivia and Ayva

Going “the extra mile” with project work.


Excellent attention to detail.



Demonstrating excellent grasp of  grammar skills.


Outstanding effort in biography writing.



Accurate answers in live lessons which demonstrate hard work on Oak Academy.


An enthusiasm for science and undertaking extra practical work on the subject of Light.


Children can collect their reward from the bottom shelves of the Prize Trolley located in the entrance whenever possible without breaking lockdown rules.


Yours sincerely,

C.J. Ashley

Home Learning


Good Morning All. Today you will be sent logins for two important aids to home learning.

1. Reading Eggs. This is the way that children can continue to read at the same pace as they do in school. We know that school closure is damaging and continuing to read will help to reduce the harm.

2. Purple Mash. Children need praise and feedback. From next week they will be sending 3 pieces of work to their teacher. They will do this using Purple Mash.

Guides to using Reading Eggs and Purple Mash are attached.

Keep Going!!!



This is the key learning and life skill. The fact that our children can change their books and practise every day has played an important part in our pupils going through school and achieving results 9% above national levels. Much more importantly, it means they can enjoy the wonderful world of books and use their skills when they come to write. As the lockdown means that we cannot do a book swap, we have used government “Catch Up Funding” to buy READING EGGS. This is an online system that provides books at the same levels for each child that we provide in school. It is brilliant and will be continued when we are all back together.

Starting Off: Once you have got the log in, the system starts with a “Placement Test” to see which level of books to give to each child before they choose from the collection.

Can you help? It is vital that you do not help while children do the placement test. We know that it is tempting to be supportive but for this one activity it would be harmful: the child will be given books that are too hard, will get frustrated and will not enjoy reading. Once the children are using the books, do please help, it is very useful to share and enjoy them together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Rewarding Hard Work:

We must reward children for working hard in the difficult days of home learning and it is vital that children know that we will see their efforts. From next week, children should send: one piece of maths, one piece of English and one piece of project work to their teachers. We are giving one Bulldog Point for each if we think it shows children trying their best.

The work will be sent in using Purple Mash.


Both Reading Eggs and Purple Mash need log-ins and your teacher will be sending these home today. Instructions for both from Mrs Goff and Mr Dempsey are below.

Weekly Update


News items are attached.

Thanks to all for your support and compliance during these difficult times.

We have two organisations ready to help families in need: PORCH, led by our Mrs Rowlands and Bradley Fold through our governor, Trevor Holt. Please let us know in confidence if you need any kind of support. PORCH and Bradley Fold can arrange key item boxes and our Family Support Advisor, Tracey Beswick can speak to you to advise about benefits or “sign post” you to other forms of support. Let us know in confidence of any safeguarding concerns for children or adults and of course, in emergency ring 999.

We will help with domestic violence concerns as well as any issues around wellbeing.


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Well done again for the remote learning you have got through this week and for engaging in the lessons. As you know, the morning contact with the teacher “The Daily Registration” and the following of the Oak Academy lessons are compulsory and absence from these has to be followed up for lack of attendance. There has been some confusion as some children are logging on but then disappearing from the screen and not joining in the chat. This is not classed as being “present” and will need me to follow up. The confusion may have been due to our using the word “Registration” and so this session will now be called the “Daily Live Lesson” and must be attended. Please contact us if you have issues with equipment or the internet so that we can help.


Upcoming Additions to our Remote Learning

Reading: This is the key learning and life skill. The fact that our children can change their books and practise every day has played an important part in children going through school and achieving results 9% above national levels. Much more importantly, it means children being able to enjoy the wonderful world of books and use their skills when they come to write. As the lockdown means that we cannot do a book swap, we have used government catch up funding to buy READING EGGS. This provides books at the same levels for each child that we provide in school and can be continued even when we are all back together. Mrs Goff has provided a special guide which is attached and your teacher will send home a “log in” on Monday.

Starting Off: Once you have got the log in, the system starts with a “Placement Test” to see which level of books to give to each child before they choose from the collection.

Can you help? It is vital that you do not help while children do the placement test. We know that it is tempting to be supportive but for this one activity it would be harmful: the child will be given books that are too hard, will get frustrated and will not enjoy reading. Once the children are using the books, do please help, it is very useful to share and enjoy them together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Keeping Fit: Retire on your millions Joe Wicks!! From w/b 1st February, our own team of fitness gurus will be providing daily workouts, a ball skills session and challenge for each age group. More information about this next week.


Effort Awards. Bulldog points to be added next week after PurpleMash logins allow for special work to be sent back to teachers.


Effort Awards – w/e 22.1.21








An excellent repeating pattern from the On Line learning.


Brilliant work, learning to recognise the first sounds in words (initial sounds)



A huge amount of learning posted on Tapestry


Lovely describing sentences.



Always showing enthusiasm and a positive attitude to learning.


Fantastic engagement in all lessons and excellent story ideas.



Always enthusiastic and willing to share his hard work.


A brilliant story plot matrix.



An inspired story opening of the BFG.



Improving writing stamina and using imaginative vocabulary to engage the reader.




Researching and answering the challenge questions for every live  lesson.


Lovely manners and hard work since joining our school.



Always punctual attendance  and engagement.


A scholarly attitude to learning.



Rubie S.

Outstanding work on line graphs and timetables.


Progress in reading and multiplication.



Answering scientific questions and carrying out practical experiments. He may be asked to lead research into a new vaccine.


Maximum effort in learning plus improved handwriting and presentation.


Children can collect their reward from the bottom shelves of the Prize Trolley located in the entrance whenever possible without breaking lockdown rules.


Yours sincerely,

 C.J. Ashley

Weekly Update


Dear All,

I attach the weekly update to keep you in touch with school. Well done for supporting the Lockdown. Bury seems to making good progress with vaccinations and so we can all hope that the lockdown doesn't last too long.

FSM children at home - Voucher info by Monday. £15 per week backdated.

There are too many people at school for a real lockdown and so we must be strict in insisting that only one adult brings and meets children. If using the "school run" for exercise, extra adults should wait outside gates.

Wishing everybody a good weekend,


Dear Children, Parent and Carers,


Rewarding our Hard Workers

Well done to all of our children for working so hard despite being at home again and thankyou to grown-ups for juggling time to support them. From Monday, we are rewarding hard workers by bringing back our Lockdown Bulldog Points to replace Pride Points. One Bulldog Point will be awarded for each Registration Lesson attended. An extra two Bulldog Points will be available for evidence of work the children are particularly proud of. This should be sent on Tapestry for Irwell and Thames and by Purple Mash for KS1 and KS2 classes (How to guide early next week).


20 Points = Pup Award – Certificate and “two from the top” of the Prize trolley.

40 Points = Bulldog Award – Certificate and “one from the bottom” of the Prize Trolley.

60 Points = Best in Show Award – Certificate and “two from the top” plus “one from the bottom”


We have some great new prizes including art sets, giant Batman pens, flying planes, water bombs and the horrible “Stretchy Poo” (ordered by mistake when I asked for “one from the bottom”).



We have chosen to continue with vouchers for FSM children. These will be £15 per week. There is a delay but vouchers will reach families by next week.



We have two organisations ready to help families in need: PORCH, led by our Mrs Rowlands and Bradley Fold through our governor, Trevor Holt. Please let us know in confidence if you need any kind of support. PORCH and Bradley Fold can arrange key item boxes and our Family Support Advisor, Tracey Beswick can speak to you to advise about benefits or “sign post” you to other forms of support.

Let us know in confidence of any safeguarding concerns for children or adults and of course, in emergency ring 999. We will help with domestic violence concerns as well as neglect and any issues around wellbeing.


Children in School

Thank you for the critical worker returns. The wider definition of critical workers means that we have too many children in school to meet the aim of realistically keeping the “R” number down and I will attach the letter sent home earlier this week on the issue. If children can be at home, they should be at home! New strains of the virus are highly contagious and are hitting Bury hard.

The high numbers of children in school mean high numbers of adults mixing on school grounds. We must be extra strict on our Risk Assessment rules and insist that only one adult brings and collects children. Please stick to this and remember masks.

The high numbers mean that sadly nursery is now moving to a rota system and parent/carers of Irwell children will be informed today whether they are in Group 1 for the start of the week or Group 2 for the end of the week.


Effort Awards

Our Effort Awards are listed below:


Effort Awards – w/e 15.1.21










Demonstrating enjoyment of learning and beginning to understand rhyme (vital for reading and writing.)



Engagement in learning at home and demonstrating it on Tapestry.


Careful listening and confident answering of questions.



Excellent letter formation in registration lesson


Outstanding re-telling of a story using a story map.



Engagement in work and sharing it with a lovely photo.


Independently getting through all of his work schedule.


Alana J.

Determined enthusiasm and resilience despite very sad times for her family.


Extra application and approach to all tasks set.



Strong contribution to registration lessons.


Enthusiastic response to new learning.



Extra research at home as well as excellent contribution to Registration lessons.


An outstanding and constantly improving work ethic.



Becoming an expert on biomes through his enthusiasm.


Extra effort in catching up on the hardest times tables.



Extra endeavour in science lessons and doing the Headteacher’s job in spotting a teacher mistake!


Extra effort in completing work and using his skills to justify answers.


Children can collect their reward from the bottom shelves of the Prize Trolley whenever possible.

Wishing everybody a good weekend and hoping that all of our families stay safe.


Yours sincerely,

C. J. Ashley



Our numbers in nursery (Irwell Class) are dangerously high and puts the community at risk. We must reduce daily numbers.

Many maintained nurseries are only admitting children of critical workers and vulnerable children. However, we are trying to avoid this step. FROM MONDAY 18.1.21, we are moving to a rota system so that we do not exceed our maximum safe number of 14 children.

There will be 2 groups:
First half of week (Group 1) : Mon 08.55 to Wed 12.00
Second half of week (Group 2) : Wed 12.15 to Friday 14.55

Vulnerable children (LAC or designated social worker) and Critical Workers can attend all week. The critical worker group may depend on occupation and shift patterns. Hospital and care workers are guaranteed a place.

The groups will be allocated and you will be informed tomorrow (Friday). If you have a real, specific need for being in Group 1 or Group 2 please inform us by 10am tomorrow by email ( or letter. We will try to meet your needs but as safety comes first, cannot guarantee it.

Regrets at the inconvenience but the pandemic situation has become critical.

Weekly Update


The newsletter is attached.

Mississippi Critical Worker/Vulnerable (CW/V) children. New start and finish time: 10 to 9 arrive - 10 to 3 depart

Owl Club - Open to CW/V children - 10 to 8 am. Up to 4.30 pm. £3 per session.

New Registration meeting times from Monday:
Mississippi – 9am.
Severn – 9.30 am
Amazon – 9.30 am
Colorado – 9.30 am
Hudson – 9.30 am
Zambezi – 10 am
Nile – 10 am
Thames – 10.30 am

Have a good and safe weekend.

Dear Parent/Carer,

Like us all, I had hoped that 2021 would start on a brighter note. Thanks for your understanding response to the national school closure and acceptance that preventing the spread of the COVID virus is essential for us all to buy time whilst the vaccine is being rolled out. Thanks too, to my staff, all of whom have been willing to take risks with their own families’ health in order to support the vulnerable and critical worker children.


Remote Learning

We are gradually getting all children working with parents sensibly asking for help to ensure that their children are able to access the on line learning that is a legal requirement. Schools have found out that X-Boxes and PlayStations can be used for Microsoft Teams meetings and this may help some children further. Please contact school if you would like instructions for how to do this.

There are new times for Registration Sessions from Monday.

Mississippi – 9am. This means a change to the start time for Mississippi children working in school. The arrival time will now be 10 to 9 and home time will be 10 to 3.

Severn – 9.30 am

Amazon – 9.30 am

Colorado – 9.30 am

Hudson – 9.30 am

Zambezi – 10 am

Nile – 10 am

Thames – 10.30 am


Owl Club

Owl Club for vulnerable or essential worker children will open again from Monday (11.1.21).

Morning session = 7.50 am – 9 am (or class start time) - £3

Afternoon Session = 3 pm – 4.30 pm - £3


There will be a strict penalty charge of £1 per ten minutes for late collection after 4.30pm as we must cover staff costs and must clear the building early in order to allow for deep cleaning.


Effort Awards – w/e 8.1.21













Showing learning on Tapestry


All round hard work.



Engagement and listening during Registration


Displaying excellent spelling strategies.





All round hard work.





All round attitude.



Contribution to Registration.


Hard work on Oak Academy lessons.



Contribution to Registration.


Extra concentration


Mature independent working.




Maisie- Leigh

All round hard work.



Volume of work.


Avoiding distractions.


Children can collect their reward from the bottom shelves of the Prize Trolley whenever possible.

Wishing everybody a good weekend with the usual stay safe message,

C.J. Ashley

Y6 Key workers and vulnerable group


The test is negative and so Y6 can return today. It would help us if you could delay coming until 9.30am but we will receive children from 9.10am.


Year 6 Hudson class


A member of staff in Y6 has fallen ill and is being tested for COVID. All Y6 children must stay at home today and should join the remote learning lesson this morning. I will update you as soon as we know more. My regrets and best wishes to the person concerned,




Remote Learning. Well done to children who attended the meetings today. However there were large numbers missing from some classes and we have to stress that it is a government requirement that all children must continue learning "remotely" during the lockdown. If you have problems accessing the learning we can help! Let us know. There is no capacity to provide paper packs for the new learning being provided except where the learning is completely different to the class online work.

Urgent Safeguarding issue. It is a serious breach of e-safety if any adult appears on line with other people's children. Parents can of course sit with children to support them as long as they are suitably clothed. However, they must not talk to the class or teacher. If you are talking to a teacher in the meeting there are 30+ other children listening and watching and finding out your child's personal business. If you have an issue you can ring school and the teacher will make time to help with your query.

Children still coming to school are asked to bring in basic ear phones or ear buds from mobile phones so that they can do their own work at their own pace. Our extra ear phones are on order and so we will let you know as soon as we no longer need children to bring their own.
I attach the letter sent home to children still attending. Key point = safety rules and the fact the hot meals are again provided from tomorrow.

Best wishes, especially to children at home!

C. J. Ashley


Dear Parent/Carer,

We are glad to welcome your children into school and in doing so hope to support yourselves, your children and the wider community during this time of national crisis.

Here is some important information about the conditions for our limited opening of school with the key message being that at present, health and the protection of our children and staff from the spread of COVID-19 takes priority over all other considerations. A Home School Agreement will be sent out on Friday with any families using school expected to sign it to maintain the place.


Children with illness of any kind (except physical injury aches and strains) should not attend. COVID symptoms are now wider than the original major three and often show differently (or not at all) in children. As usual, a child should not attend and isolate if any household or bubble member has symptoms of COVID-19. Anybody showing the major symptoms (high temperature; loss of taste/smell, cough) should get a test and the child can only attend once the test result has come back as negative and/or ten days have passed and all symptoms have gone. Test results should be reported to school immediately. If school is closed email .


Unlike the previous lockdown, the school dinner service will continue to provide hot and cold school meals. This will start from tomorrow (Thurs). Therefore, only children who normally bring a packed lunch should do so and children who have a school meal should pay the normal daily rate of £2.30. Those parents who do not wish to continue with the school meal must still give the expected 10 school days’ notice of cancellation as food has been ordered.

FSM. Families entitled to benefit based free school meals and not attending school will be applying for vouchers as in the summer. However, children attending school entitled to FSM will be expected to have the meal provided by the school meals service and will not be able to apply for vouchers. These children can bring their own packed lunches if they so wish but these would be paid for by their household.


Our behaviour policy is long established and is aimed at children without identified special behavioural needs. Those children follow their own system of rewards and sanctions. However, during the pandemic, any behaviour by any child which puts others at risk e.g. not complying with staff instructions relating to mixing of bubbles, social distancing, physical violence and especially spitting will result in the offer of the place being withdrawn. The withdrawal of the place is undertaken under Section 44 of the Employment/Safety at Work Act and will not count as an exclusion.  


We will continue to provide professional sports coaching for children in school as we see physical activity and fitness as a vital health tool. Under the present strict safety rules this will only happen outside and if the playground is safe to use. We hope that this will start tomorrow and each Thursday and so children can come to school in warm PE kit under their school jumpers on that day each week.


We need to judge whether we can safely open Owl Club from next week. Please send in the form below if you would wish to use the before and after school care service under special lockdown times. (AM open 8am ) (PM close 4.30pm).


Yours sincerely,

 C.J. Ashley


NAME OF CHILD _______________________________

CLASS ________________________________


I WOULD USE OWL CLUB IN THE MORNING ……………………. Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri

I WOULD USE OWL CLUB AFTER SCHOOL ………………………. Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri

Signed _____________________________________   Parent/Carer

School Closure


With great sadness at more lost time in school, I attach a letter confirming the school closure until at least the new half term commencing on 22.2.20.

Remote Learning info to be sent out today. Compulsory as it is new learning.
Information if you have problems accessing the learning urgently needed.

Key Worker and Vulnerable children can attend at usual times - Packed Lunch needed.
Please confirm a place by phone if possible.

No Owl Club this week. Reviewed when know if numbers allow us to open safely.

Nursery will open from Monday. New starters to refer to start date sent before Christmas.

Info re Free School meal vouchers to be sent as soon as we have it.

C. J. Ashley

School Closure

6.1.21 – 22.2.21

Dear Parent/Carer,

With regret I am confirming the news announced by the Prime Minister yesterday that the crisis caused by the new strain of the Corona Virus puts the ability of the NHS to cope with the number of infections at risk. As a result, schools are closed to all but the children of key workers who have no other childcare at home and children classed as vulnerable in terms of their needs.

“Those who absolutely need to attend or whose parents are critical to the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.”

The list of key workers as defined by the government is:

Health and social care;

Education and childcare;

Key public services;

Local and national government;

Food and other necessary goods;

Public safety; Law and order; nat. security;



Communication and financial services.

Children who qualify to be take up a place can attend from tomorrow at the start/finish times and entrances that we have been using since September. There will be no school dinner and so all children will need a packed lunch. An application form will be sent home with the children tomorrow but for today please ring to confirm a place.


Children at Home

School is providing childcare for those listed above but as this new shutdown will last for at least a half term, teaching must continue through “Remote Learning”. This is now more urgent than when class bubbles were asked to isolate for up to 14 days. 7 weeks away from school is a serious gap in a child’s education and many classes have already missed more than two weeks in school. This year’s lessons now involve new learning as opposed to the revision and consolidation that we provided on paper during the first lockdown. All children must therefore take part.

A message will be sent home today with the time of a “Registration Meeting” where the day’s lessons will be explained and discussed with the class teacher. If a child cannot take part, then it is classed as an absence and school will need to be informed just as in normal times. If there are technical difficulties with the internet or ICT equipment needed to join the lesson and do the work, please write down what the issues are and let us know so that we can try to solve the problem.

The information and serious safeguarding rules around learning online will again be sent tomorrow but can be found on the website.


The government has made an exception for nursery children. Nursery will open as usual for all children on Monday. New January starters should stick to the start date they were sent before Christmas.

Free School Meals

I am awaiting news on this but fully expect the voucher system to go ahead in a similar way as over the summer months. You will be informed as soon as possible.

* *

This is a very sad letter to write and I hope that these urgent measures bring the crisis under control until the vaccine has been given to enough people that life can return to something like normal.

Yours sincerely,

C.J. Ashley

School Closure


With regret at the U turn. School cannot now open on Wednesday. All children will need to access "Remote Learning" and will have a daily registration meeting with teachers.

As in the previous lockdown, school will open for:
Children who are Looked After;
Children with a named social worker;
Children with an EHC Plan;
Children of "Key Workers". For today these workers will be classed as the same as over spring and summer. Details will be sent out tomorrow (Tuesday).

It is not clear if school nurseries are to open. Ours will not open on Wednesday but I will update parents as soon as details are made clearer.

I greatly regret this further disruption to such vital years for your children but we must get through the present health emergency. Please look out for a more detailed update tomorrow.

C. J. Ashley

Severn Class


With regret we have closed Severn Class as a precaution following a member of staff becoming ill with possible symptoms of Covid-19 overnight. The whole class is urged to be extremely careful in having contact with others. However, we have kept contact to a minimum in class and only 6 children will be sent the full isolation letter from Public Health England. They will be informed separately as soon as we have test results. My great sadness at this news. I wish you all a good Christmas and send very best wishes to the member of staff who is ill.




We have been informed this morning of a possible case of Covid-19 in Severn class.
Please do not send your child to school if they are in this class.
Further details to follow when more information has been received.

Isolation next week


I have requested permission from the Chair of Governors to allow the following:

Parents of children in Nile, Colorado and Hudson can choose whether to continue isolating for the full 14 days or to opt for the new shorter 10 day isolation which becomes law on Monday.

Hudson children can either return on Monday or Wednesday.
Colorado and Nile children return on Monday or isolate for the full week.

Please note that those choosing to remain away from school for the longer period must isolate. Our usual strict absence system will be used if children are seen playing on the streets. With this choice, we hope to relieve anxiety for some families but also ensure that working parents can get back to work if they wish. Remote Learning must continue but we may not be able to manage a daily registration meeting. You will be informed.

Have a safe weekend,

C. J. Ashley



Dear Parent or Carer,

You will be aware that we have hit a critical situation following 8 months of being able to keep the COVID virus out of school. I know that you will be alarmed.

There are 2 children who have tested positive in the last 14 days (4 since March) and investigation shows that the infection would not have come from school.

The reason for the class bubbles being asked to isolate recently, has been the chance of close contact with an adult who may have contracted the virus.
I am isolating, but will be working with governors and PHE in investigating how, when the virus did enter school, it could have spread outside of one room to the other adults affected. I sincerely regret this and the issues it has caused for working parents.

We must now ensure that we do not get any more outbreaks. If an isolation instruction goes out from Monday next week (14.12.20) it will mean families not mixing over Christmas. WE MUST AVOID THIS AND PROTECT OUR BELOVED OLDER GENERATION WHO DESERVE A CHRISTMAS BREAK FROM THE MISERY OF THIS YEAR.

1. Get a test for any cold/flu/feeling unwell symptoms. A new fact has become clear, in the cases reported this week: the people felt ill but assumed it was winter flu or an existing health condition and so did not get a test. The classic COVID symptoms developed later.

2. Sadly, isolating means children must stay indoors. If there is nobody else to bring or meet a sibling, then the sibling will have to stay indoors rather than the isolating child coming out of the house.

Finally, some good news. The isolation law is changing from Monday and so there are changes to the instructions for classes returning:

Reception and Nursery - Return to school on Monday 14.12.20
Zambezi- Return to school after holidays
Nile - Return to school Monday 14th December
Colorado - Return to school Monday 14th December
Hudson – Return to school Monday 14th December

Once again I send my best wishes to all who have been inconvenienced and especially to all who may be ill.

Yours sincerely,

C. J. Ashley



It is with great sadness that all news this week is COVID-19 related. I hope you are slightly reassured that children have not been affected - 2 cases, not caught in school. No adult or child has started an illness since our closure and chemical mist clean.


Any isolation instructions next week will mean no family mixing at Christmas. Prevent cases coming into school by keeping a child off who has any form of illness. Our recent cases did not show COVID symptoms for a few days after first falling ill, delaying their tests. If any household member feels "under the weather", get a test please! Do not come into school.

2. Change to Isolation law from 14.10.20.

Isolation will be 10 days not 14.

Nursery and Reception: Monday 14.12.20
Zambezi: 6.1.21 (Wed of new term) (isolation ends Sat 19.12.20 - so sorry)
Nile: Monday 14.12.20
Colorado: Monday 14.12.20
Hudson: Monday 14.12.20

3. Isolation.

Please do not bring siblings to school who should be isolating. It is illegal.

Hoping for a better period ahead and wishing you all well,
C. J. Ashley

Zambezi Class


With regret due to a possible contact with a member of the midday team, Zambezi Class will need to isolate for 10 days until Saturday 19th December.

We greatly regret this.
C. J. Ashley

Registration Times for Remote Learning


TEAMS meeting times are as follows:

9.30 - Hudson
10.00 - Nile
10.30 - Thames
11.00 - Colorado

Thanks -
C. Ashley

Colorado and Nile - Isolation Notice


A member of our lunchtime team who assists Colorado Class (Y5) and Nile class (Y2) has tested positive for COVID-19.

Chidren from these classes will need to isolate until:
Friday 18.12.20 - Return after Christmas - Tues 5.1.21

The symptoms appeared at the weekend, before the deep clean of this week but were not the classic covid symptoms of cough, high temp, loss of taste/smell. We advise getting a test for any cold like symptoms.
The teachers will be in touch with Remote Learning info early tomorrow.

My huge regrets at this and the problems it will cause to you - especially Colorado on their second period out.

C. J. Ashley

Letter to whole school


Yr6 Hudson class are currently in isolation. ​We deeply regret problems caused.

Please inform of us of any type of illness your child may be suffering and keep them off of school.

We urgently need to protect vulnerable family members and must prevent the virus hitting any bubbles after Friday. Any notifications sent from Monday mean the whole bubble being legally required to isolate over Christmas until 29.12.20!!

COVID 19 Case - Y6 Hudson


Attached is government confirmation of the need for Y6 class to isolate until Wed 16.12.20. Other family members do not need to isolate unless the child shows symptoms of COVID-19. A test should then be taken and school informed.

Registration for remote learning will take place at 9.30am tomorrow via TEAMS.

A new English unit will begin and the class will continue work on Geography, Lesson 5, Slums.

Huge regrets for problems caused to your families and best wishes to any people who are ill.

Y6 Closed


We have just been informed that a member of Y6 has tested positive for COVID-19 and that the person was in the class on Monday and Tuesday of last week. The symptoms appeared on Tuesday evening (1.12.20).Track and Trace require all contacts for the previous 48 hours to isolate.

With regret, Y6 children will need to be collected from school and will need to isolate until the end of 15.12.20. They can return to school on Wed 16.12.20.

Please collect your Y6 child as soon as possible. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We have acted as soon as we knew.

School Opening

School is open tomorrow (Wednesday) for all classes except Nursery and Reception.

The school has been isolated for 72 hours and today is receiving a deep chemical spray treatment.

We will be working on a skeleton staff this week.

With regret, I have to give warning that if any behaviour puts safety at risk, the child causing the danger will be required to work at home until full staffing levels are restored.

Regrets again for the inconvenience caused during this crisis period,

C. J. Ashley

School Closure


School is closed until Wednesday for deep cleaning and due to staff shortages.

The times for remote lessons are listed below. Please inform anybody else in case they miss parent hub messages. Thanks.

Regrets for issues caused.

Irwell (Nursery) No Meeting - Activities set

Thames (Reception) 10.30am

Zambezi (Y1) 9.30am

Nile (Y2) 11.30am

Mississippi (Y2/3) 10am

Severn (Y3/4) 10am

Amazon (Y4/5) 11am

Colorado (Y5) 11am

Hudson (Y6) 9.30am

School Closure


With regret a member of staff with contact in all areas of school has shown symptoms of COVID-19.

We hope to open on WEDNESDAY 9th December.

We will keep you informed. My regrets for problems this will cause.

C. J. Ashley



The suspected case in Y6 has come back as negative and so Hudson Class and the Y1, Y4 and Y5 children who use the teaching space in the “Chill Out Club” classroom will be welcomed back on Monday 7.12.20.

Due to a positive test in nursery, the return date for that class (Irwell) will now be Tuesday 15th December (not Monday 14th as we had first hoped).


Returns to school from isolation:

Hudson (Y6) – Monday 7.12.20

Mississippi (Y2/3) – Wednesday 9.12.20

Thames (Reception) – Monday 14.12.20

Irwell (Nursery) – Tuesday 15.12.20




With regret Y6 (Hudson), Nurture and Chill Out Class children will still need to isolate tomorrow (Friday). News for Monday will be given as soon as test results are received.
Owl Club will remain closed until further notice.



Due to the isolation of 4 class bubbles there can be no Owl Club from tomorrow (Thursday 03.12.20) after school. Due to late notice the morning session can go ahead.

Owl Club is on in the morning (Thurs) but not after school. It is then closed for both morning and afternoon until further notice. 

Mississippi Class. I attach a new letter for information. Another member of the class has tested positive for COVID-19. There should have been no contact with any other members of the school community as the class were already isolating and so the return date for the class is still Wed 9.12.20 if no symptoms and well.

Any child with symptoms must get a test.

Y6 Class and Nurture Class Chill Out Club Users

We have a possible case of COVID-19 reported overnight for Y6 (Hudson) and The Nurture Class ("Chill Out Club").
For safety reasons we must close both classes today and tomorrow. Y6 children and Chill Out Club users should isolate until a test result gives us further news.

Other family members do not need to isolate.

The time of the Y6 Virtual lesson will be sent out later. It is likely to be 11.00 am.

Regrets at the short notice but safety must come first.

COVID 19 Case - Early Years


I attach a letter to the parents in Irwell and Thames classes (Nursery and Reception) informing them that with regret our suspected case of COVID-19 has been confirmed and that their children must isolate for 14 days from Friday 27th November. ie until Saturday 12th December. The return to school for these children will be Monday 14th December.

On line Registration for Thames Class will be at 10.30am each day. Activities for Irwell will be set during the day but an online meeting will not be appropriate for this age group.

I also attach the Government letter informing the whole school. Regrets at the inconvenience to our early years children and staff and best wishes to those who are ill.


Due to a difficult staffing situation Irwell (Nursery Class) will be closed tomorrow with an update re Wednesday provided in the morning.

Colorado Class will return tomorrow. There will be no Ukulele Class for Y5.

There will be no "Catch Up Classes" tomorrow (Tuesday) for any class. School will finish at the usual times for each class bubble.

Thanks to all for patience and understanding of a rapidly changing situation.

C. J. Ashley

Nursery and Reception ( Irwell and Thames)


We have a strongly suspected case of Covid-19 and a shortage of staff in the foundation unit. Regrettably we have to close the Unit.

Please do not send children in these classes into school today.

Mississippi class (Y2/3) - Whole Class Isolation


Colorado class (Y5) - Whole Class Isolation


Bury Council Update


Remote Learning





Dear Parent/Carer,

Remote Learning means work being done away from school. In this case it means work set because a child has either informed us that they need to isolate or we have had to send a class bubble home.

We are sending this material home today because by the time your child needs to isolate it would be breaching safety rules for you to come and collect it. Over the first lockdown period we set work for home which was revision of key skills mixed as internet based work and paper packs. This time we need to send new learning home or children will miss too much curriculum content.

The work being sent is based on the national curriculum and is taught online through the Oak Academy, which is the governments teaching tool. The children will need to complete an English, maths and a topic session each day. The instructions are all to be found on the sheets going home with this letter. They will meet once per day with their teacher in a  Microsoft TEAMS meeting. This is called the Registration Meeting. Here we will register that children are fulfilling the legal obligation to do school work and discuss any problems or issues with the previous day’s work and discuss what is coming up next. As the children will be on camera, internet safety rules are essential and the code of conduct covering dress and background activity to ensure that all children are safe is also included in the pack.

An exercise book and a pencil is being provided ready for recording the work as we recognise that doing the work on computers will be very difficult for some families.

Remote learning is very much a second choice for the best quality of learning and teaching as we cannot provide as much feedback to children which is key to our usual success. However, the registration meeting will attempt to provide some of this feedback. We also recognise that the internet is not easy for some families to access and so we thank those who sent in responses to our computer access questionnaire. We will try to help with equipment where we can, but the government claims to have provided computers for those who need them are untrue. We are due to be given 8 laptops which we can only claim when a class is sent home. For this reason, the work has been planned so that smart phones can be used and then the work done in the exercise books.

Despite the difficulties, it is vital that the children do not fall behind other children nationally and so we trust that our parents and carers will support the work that will be set.

If you have any questions or problems please contact school. Email to would be the best method but we will also try to deal with telephone queries as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

C.J. Ashley

Bury Council Update


Bury Council and Government Advice


I attach information which the authorities wish schools to pass on to our families.

Extra Newsletter - 11.09.20

I attach an extra newsletter to help with questions about normal winter snuffles and the more serious Covid-19 illness. I also attach a very useful chart from GM outlining the key information for when children fall ill.

Return to School - 02.09.20

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Below is the Risk Assessment for our full opening of school.

Happy Holidays


Thanks to you all for your support over this year and through the lockdown. I hope you all have a happy holiday.

We all thank you for kind gifts and cards and for sending lovely children to our school. Have a safe and happy holiday. We will be continuing to send news out as the pandemic situation evolves but hope to see everybody back on the 2nd of September. Messages from new teachers will be on the website later today.

With a final thanks and goodbye to Mrs Channell, Miss Berry and Miss Miller, I attach the final week's Bulldog Points.

Annual Reports

School reports will be available in the usual work collection place from noon tomorrow (Wednesday). There is no need to collect reports for children in school as they will be sent home with the children.

Home School Safety Agreement

Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Home Learning

Below are the key documents you received in your child's Home Learning pack. 

Remember new paper packs are available for collection every 3 weeks and contain enough work for

3 weeks of home learning.

The online work is monitored by your child's teacher and completed work is rewarded with Bulldog Points. 

30 points - Green Rosette,  60 points - Blue Rosette,  100 points - Red Rosette