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Happiness and High Standards


We love to learn, even when we can't come to school. Here are some photographs of our lockdown learning activities.


We are proud of our "Pup Award" certificates for earning 20 Bulldog Points in Lockdown 2.

Wow! Look at Maryam's fantastic home learning project. Well done Maryam. We especially like the cave with cave paintings.

Shevli has spent a lot of time and effort on her big home learning project. What a brilliant prehistoric settlement!

Bella in her counting house, counting out her money...

I'm sure you will all agree that Mia's home learning project is outstanding! I have added pictures of the process and the finished result. Well done Mia!

Year 2 children in Nile Class have become experts on materials and mixtures.

Children in Zambezi Class have been finding out about the difference between an evergreen tree and a deciduous tree. Do you know the difference?

Halle has enjoyed finding out about different ocean habitats. 

Lucas and Aslan's rain gauges are being put to good use at the moment!

Well done Elouise on your excellent Stone Age settlement. "Over half term I did my Stone Age project and made a Stone Age settlement. There is a lake where they would have got water to wash, drink and cook.  Stones that they would have used to make tools and a hut made out sticks from the trees and bushes.  I made a campfire too that they would have used to cook and keep warm."

You must read Naomi's fantastic adventure story about a stolen pet!

Ivy-Rose and Jace have been busy planting beans.

This is Clark and Panisa's beautiful writing. Well done!

Wow! Look at Neve's homework project about the sabretooth tiger (also known as the "smilodon"). Well done Neve!

Read Brooke and Oliver's work to find out how to make a magic piece of clothing.

This is Mia learning all about Prehistoric Britain. Well done Mia and thank you for sharing your lockdown learning.

Children in Irwell and Thames have enjoyed an exciting project about transport. Choo choo!