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Remote Learning

If you are having any problems accessing the work, please contact the school via email Thank you.

Please go to "About Us" and choose your class page for more information about Oak Learning and lessons during lockdown.

PE Workouts - click here to access our videos
Children's Mental Heath Week 2021 - click here for videos and ideas

If an individual child is isolating... 

the child follows the ‘schedule’ for English, Maths and topic.

Got to The Oak National Academy 

  • select ‘Lessons’
  • choose ‘Schedule’
  • select the year group that matches the number on your exercise book
  • select the day you need to work on – it is always best to start with a Monday. This will mean that you start the mini-series of lessons from the beginning.
  • click on your lesson. Work through an English lesson, a Maths lesson and a topic lesson. Start the lesson, watch the video and pause it to write your answers in your Remote Learning exercise book.

If a whole class is isolating...

 All children need to access Remote Learning and attend The Daily Live Lesson on TEAMS with their teacher.

Please check your Parent Hub message for your child's English, Maths and topic units every week. 
All units are accessed on  Oak National Academy.

TEAMS is a free app (via your usual app store eg Google Play, iTunes). This is the easiest way to access TEAMS on your phone or tablet.

On a laptop, go to Choose the Teams icon.

Once you have downloaded the app, login and you’re ready to join The Daily Live Lesson with your class teacher.

Following the recommendation of the Department of Education, Fairfield are using high quality lessons from The National Academy for their Remote Learning. Daily tasks are available at - this is known as The Oak Academy. 

You can access The Oak National Academy on a laptop, a tablet or a phone.

If a whole class is isolating, we offer...

Live Small Group Lessons

In order to give more individual attention, each child will have one extra small group lesson between Monday and Thursday each week.

Please check your Parent Hub message for the exact day and time for your child’s lesson. 

These lessons are essential for enabling children not to lose even more quality learning and so should be attended.


Live Fun Friday Sessions

There is a Fun Friday session each week. The children do not have to attend this - but we hope that they do!

Fairfield's Remote Education Provision

Remote Learning - Parent Guide for Individual Isolation

Remote Learning - Parent Guide for Whole Class Isolation

Remote Learning - Rules for Live Lessons