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Fairfield Community Primary School

Happiness and High Standards

Pride League Table

Rewarding children who do the right thing and contribute to our school through hard work is a vital part of our Behaviour Policy.  Pride points are vital to building up a team approach to positive behaviour. 



The Pride System

Every child belongs in one of four different "Prides"; Lions, Tigers, Panthers and Leopards. Children gain "Pride Points" individually to achieve their "Bronze" (50), "Silver" (100) and "Gold" (200) as well as other fun prizes along the way. These points get added together with the other classes to find out which Pride has won overall each week. An extra playtime is given each week for the winning Pride. At the end of each half term, the school council decide on a whole school pride treat. Recently this has been an ice cream or non uniform day.

Any certificate won in school counts within the system.  Reading is our biggest priority and so bookmarks filled with stickers count towards the prizes too. 


In Autumn 2 the winners of the league were...THE LIONS!

Each week, our award winners are announced on the Newsletter.