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Fairfield Community Primary School

Happiness and High Standards

Pride League Table

Rewarding children who do the right thing and contribute to our school through hard work is a vital part of our Behaviour Policy.  Pride points are vital to building up a team approach to positive behaviour.  Individual certificates can be won and the winning team from our four prides is rewarded with a treat such as a bouncy castle at the end of each half term (see Behaviour Policy).

Any certificate won in school counts within the system.  Reading is our biggest priority and so bookmarks filled with stickers count towards the prizes too. 


The Pride System

In school we have prides. We have songs to go with our prides we make dances to go with our songs and prides. It is the pride who wins the term that gets to choose a treat like a bouncy castle and disco. We have lots of fun in prides.

We have a competition on Fridays which is also known as Pridedays. We see which pride has the most pride points,so they get to do their dance and other prides join in.

In school we have top cats from each year. Top Cats are people from each class that have the most pride points. 

Written by Sabrina and Eleni


In Autumn 2 the winners of the league were...THE LIONS!

Here is this weeks role of honour for:

Top Cats:

w/e 24 January 2020




South Pole

Matilda H


Isabell C


Kiara J-W


Lucy D-E

North America

Affiya A


Rubie S

South America

Ava M


Ghala A-S

Bronze Award

Asia                                                                                   Harrison S    Isabell C     Szymon G    Tyler R   Noah F  Lexi H

Africa                                                                                Rae-Leigh P           

North America                                                                 Rano M

South America                                                                         Henzley McG   Kyra B     Brooke R

Europe                                                                               Blake S

Silver Award

South Pole                                                                      Naomi B    Ivy-Rose O

Asia                                                                                  Lucy H   Belle M

Africa                                                                               Carly D   Oliver H

North America                                                                        Leon S   Affiya A