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Jake Boardman Year 5

It is with great sadness that I have to pass on the tragic news that our Y5 pupil, Jake Boardman has died.

Jake had been very seriously ill for some weeks and was being treated in Birmingham Children's Hospital.  His condition had deteriorated rapidly and he lost his battle on Friday.

Jake was a huge character within school, known and loved by children and adults alike for his sense of humour and steely determination.

Although not thought to be connected to his recent illness, for a number of years Jake had been beset by the symptoms of Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) which affects nerves and muscles and as a result, mobility.  Never did this prevent him from trying anything or joining in whatever activity the class were undertaking.  He always had his hand up in assemblies, won swimming awards, played football in the playground, was a trusty friend and played the guitar with the aim of emulating his heroes, The Rolling Stones.

Jake's real heroes were of course his parents.  Mr and Mrs Boardman gave Jake his strength of character and supported him every inch of the way in making the most of his precious time.  Their grief will be immeasurable and I am sure you will join me in thinking of them and praying for them.

I spoke to Mr Boardman yesterday and passed on the deep sorrow that all of the Fairfield community will feel.  Nobody will be surprised to know that Mr Boardman told me that Jake was still fighting right up until Friday.

The loss of a child is a special tragedy and we will offer whatever support children need on their return to school.  I can be contacted on c.ashley@bury.gov.uk

There is no further news at present and will await the family's wishes as regards Jake's funeral.

God bless Jake and his family.

Chris Ashley

4th August 2015  




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