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Happiness and High Standards




This week's newsletter is below. It deals with the need for homework to be completed; children not to bring masks into the building; a request for views on the school lockdown response and our congratulations to prize winners.


Learning levels

As we approach the end of the first full half term, most children are now back into work routines and this has enabled us to complete our “return to school” assessments. As is to be expected, the picture shows that the six months away has resulted in large gaps for most children. Those who engaged with the work set over the lockdown, performed more strongly. We expected loss of learning and it will be similar in all schools.

You will be aware that in normal years our standards are high. This is a result of strong teaching of the skills and concepts children need to know and then your support in making sure that children practise their learning at home through reading and our fun homework games: Spelling Shed; Abacus Maths and Times Table Rock Stars. Sadly, we have lost most children from doing this vital work. Children will not be able to get back to where they should be without doing these activities. Please encourage the children. We are anxious not to use Fun Friday time for the children that haven’t done homework but from half term will have to put catch up before fun! (If you can’t access the internet for children to do this work, please inform us so that we can support you and the children.)


Lockdown Work

In case there is another lockdown, we would like to be able to do our best to keep learning going. We are therefore reviewing what we did over spring and summer. Please let us know your views by Tuesday 22.10.20 so that I can report to governors and plan any improvements. (Form attached below).



A reminder that based on government advice, a key aspect of our anti-Covid risk assessment is that children must not bring masks into school. Parents should take them back home if worn to school.


Award Winners

Well done to this week’s winners. We saw a very high quality of work again this morning.


Awards – w/e 9.10.20


Effort Award


Top Cat



Henley J.

Getting used to his new class and following our school rules.




Gabriel J.

Being an expert on extinct animals. Specialist subject = The Dodo

Stanley A.



Florence M.

Instant recall of number bonds to 5.

Ahmed Y.

Oliver S.


Frankie L.

Being an expert on “significant people” from history.. Specialist knowledge about Rosa Parks and Vincent Van Gogh.

Oliver H.



Rae-Leigh P.

Excellent effort in maths with beautifully presented books.

Shevli S. (beautiful singing demonstrated)

Jade S.


Jasmine W.

Strong focus on her work.

Thomas Mark

Sophia N.



Extra effort in core subjects and outstanding art work.


Junaid W.


Madison H.

Excellent work on long multiplication.

Jocelyn Mc.

Ella B.


Skye (a great loss to our school. Good luck to Skye, Summer and Lacie)

Outstanding art work about Black History Month.

Brooke R.

Alicja K.


LOCKDOWN WORK (March – July 2020)


During the lockdown period school remained open for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. Towards the end of summer, we were one of the few schools that gave every child the chance to come back at least once a week.  For the children at home, we provided a mix of paper based work provided in three weekly bundles and internet tasks based on practising key skills. Parents with children at other schools were impressed with what was provided, informing us that many had only been given links to commercial websites and that children without good ICT systems at home, could not do any work. Please let us know your views by commenting below.

































Please return to school on paper or by e mail to by Tuesday 20.10.20



Award Winners

Well done to this week’s gold tie winners. I am delighted that the awards are beginning to illustrate the qualities that we need to get our school back on track after the long forced break of lockdown.


Awards – w/e 9.10.20


Effort Award


Top Cat




Helping others by setting a good example.





Advanced skills in sorting and work on sets.





Excellent work about Her Majesty, the Queen and being a role model for others.





Displaying “superstar” qualities counting in 2’s.





Achieving our school aim of becoming an “expert”. Specialist subject = Giant Pandas.





Helping others and handling any challenges with kindness.





Being a role model through her high levels of effort.





Effort above and beyond the call of duty.





Dedicating his free time to making a new child in the class feel welcomed.







Children must not come into school if symptoms in the household

Children must be met at the school entrance

Confirming holiday dates

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are hearing from parents who have tested positive for COVID-19 reporting that they would now be keeping children away from school. This means that at the time of the parent’s test, their child must have been in school. This is wrong!!

If there are symptoms in the house, do not wait for test results before keeping children off school.

If anybody in the household has COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature; cough; loss of sense of smell/taste):

  1. The whole household must go into isolation. Do not send children to school.
  2. Those with symptoms must get a test. Those with no symptoms, should not.
  3. Everybody in the house must remain in isolation until test results come back as negative.
  4. If the results were negative, and the child has no symptoms, he or she can return to school.
  5. If the results were positive, others in the household must continue to isolate for at least 14 days.


Apologies for repeating this message but children coming to school from possibly infected households put lives, jobs and learning at risk.



We are having issues dismissing children to parents safely. We have said that parents who cannot wear a mask for health reasons can stand at the top of the steps. Following a wave, we will send children up. However, everybody else must respect that we are trying to keep children safe. Please come to the front of school to get your child. Please do not wait on the steps causing people to squeeze past.



Half term is going ahead as normal. We break up on Friday 23.10.20 and the children return to school on Tuesday 3rd November. Staff training takes place on Monday 2nd November. I am sending home the whole holiday list on Parent Hub.


Yours sincerely,

C.J. Ashley



Here are the usual weekly updates. Please help us by completing the computer survey and thanks to those who have done so already.

Have good and safe weekend
C. J. Ashley

Owl Club

Behaviour Policy – Website

Local COVID-19 situation

Effort Awards

Dear Parent/Carer,

Owl Club

Owl Club ends at 5.15pm. There is some confusion over this as we cannot change our online booking slip which still says 5.30pm. (Altering it messes up the online payment system). However, the caretaker’s hours have changed due to his increased Covid-19 cleaning duties and he has to have time to get staff out of the building and lock up by 5.30pm. All children must be out by 5.15pm to enable time for this and to be fair to Mr Seddon whose day here starts at 6 in the morning. 


Behaviour Policy

The draft behaviour Policy is on the website.  then Parents then Newsletters.

We would welcome your comments and suggestions by Wednesday 14th October.


Local COVID-19 Rules

Under the present pandemic situation, schools are asked to assist the government in passing on updates about the local situation. I am attaching updates on Parent Hub. Perhaps some MPs and the PM himself should read them!!


Online Learning

So far we have not needed any class bubbles to isolate at home. When this happens we will rely on Online Learning to prevent children falling further behind and damaging their future life chances. Please fill in the computer survey so that we know how many homes we can reach. Thanks to those who have already done so.


Effort Award Winners

Well done to this week’s Effort Gold Tie Winners. I am delighted with the standards of work I saw in their books.


Effort Awards – w/e 2.10.20




Presentation Award



Learning to zip up her coat




Excellent mathematical sorting




Outstanding maths work




Skill in recording with new maths symbols




Excellent report on the River Mississippi




Excellent report on the River Severn




Dedicated work on addition with exchange




Excellent maths work and positive attitude




Hard work leading to promotion to a high maths set.



Well done to all who “stayed on green” for our first period and are proudly wearing their badge. The next set of badges will be awarded for staying on green until half term. This is a challenge but we expect children to allow learning to take place safely so that we can all catch up quickly. Children on green help us to do this.


Have a good weekend,


Yours sincerely,


Behaviour Policy

September 2020



Extra bits of news and the all important Effort Award winners attached.


Effort Awards

Behaviour Policy

Dear Parent/Carer,

Behaviour Policy

The draft behaviour Policy for your comments is too big for attachment on Parent Hub. It will therefore go onto the website on Monday for your light reading.



Spelling Shed, Times Table Rockstars and Active Learn homework assignments have now been set. Children will have been given their log in details so that they can get going on practising key skills in a fun way.


Effort Award Winners

Well done to the Effort Gold Tie Winners from the last two “virtual assemblies”.

W/E 18.9.20

W/E 25.9.20


All – Great start!




All – handwashing song!
































The green badge awards will be worn from Monday. Well done to all who “stayed on green”!


Have a good weekend,

Yours sincerely,

 C.J. Ashley

Weekly Newsletter


This is the first of two newsletters this week.

Please get your child to ask if you need a new copy of the computer survey. This is vital for continuing work if a bubble needs to isolate at home.


Face Masks to continue to be worn by adults on school grounds


Dear Parent/Carer,

Home School Safety Agreement

Thankyou again for your continued support of our safety measures. There are now 45 schools in Bury with bubbles having to be sent home for 14 days. We are still lasting out thanks to everybody doing their best to keep to our risk assessment strategies.

Apologies for the delay in sending out the Home School Safety Agreement. There were no major changes for schools in this week’s announcement and so I am sending the document home. Parent/Carers and children are asked to sign it to show how we are working together to keep everybody as safe as possible.


Y6 – Arrivals and Departures

Most year groups are sticking to our arrangements for safely staggering our arrival and departure times. However, many children in Y6 (the only year group who do not have to be accompanied by an adult) are arriving too early. This is causing overcrowding before school and some poor behaviour in the dangerous car park area is causing problems. As we do not have the staffing levels to supervise Y6 before 9.10 am, I have warned the children that if the situation does not improve next week, they will have to be accompanied by an adult. We would like to avoid this as we know many parents have already made work arrangements.


Computer Survey

When/if a bubble has to isolate at home, we are aiming to continue teaching through the internet. We urgently need to know which homes could cope with this but we have only had 76 out of a possible 250 returns of our survey. Please send it in if you have not already done so.


Hoping that you all keep safe and well,

Yours sincerely,

 C.J. Ashley



Face Masks to continue to be worn by adults on school grounds



My thanks to you all. The response to wearing a mask on school grounds plus keeping to social distances and times for arrivals and departures has been extremely supportive. I have had no arguments and so far we have avoided having to send whole bubbles home for 14 days. Other schools are not so lucky and at present more than 700 Bury children are at home and more than 30 schools have got whole bubbles out.

Please keep it up and please continue to keep children off who have normal cold/flu symptoms for 48 hours. This gives time to see if the full COVID-19 symptoms develop. It is the first 48 hours when sufferers spread the strongest dose of virus. Only request a test if the 3 main COVID symptoms appear.


Home School Safety Agreement

Apologies for the delay. This keeps changing as the government rules change (often late on a Friday!!). I will aim for next week after today’s announcements.



Behaviour in school has not been up to our normal standards in some classes since our return. All schools are experiencing this and it is to be expected after 6 months out of our routines. We have allowed a settling in time but are now back to our normal systems. The “Going for Green” system has been put back into action and so are our other rewards and sanctions. Parents will be involved if a child goes onto a sanction level. Going for Green is for low level classroom management and is used instead of an old fashioned “telling off” so that the whole class does not have their learning disturbed.

I will send our whole school policy home for your chance to comment next week but in brief: a child does not go onto a sanction level where I would be contacting you until they have ended the day on “red” twice in a week, or yellow 4 times in a week. More serious issues involve immediate use of Sanction Level 1,2 or 3. (e.g. not keeping hands or feet to self; lying to an adult; swearing heard by an adult, damaging equipment – plus paying for it; name calling).



Normal routines are gradually returning. Abacus maths homework and Times Table Rock Stars are being set from today; Spelling Shed follows next week and reading books are starting on a class by class basis as we finish assessing the correct reading book level for each child


Have a good, safe weekend,

C.J. Ashley

Extra Newsletter


I attach an extra newsletter to help with questions about normal winter snuffles and the more serious Covid-19 illness. I also attach a very useful chart from GM outlining the key information for when children fall ill.

Face Masks to be worn by adults from Monday

Illness Procedures

Dear Parents/Carers

Thanks for your support and compliance during a difficult week as the autumn corona virus spike hits early. Bury is back in the “red” danger zone with the latest weekly figures showing us at 59.4 cases per 100,000. This has doubled in a week and is double the national average. Keeping school open and protecting our community is therefore a challenge.

A reminder that adults now need to wear a face covering when bringing and collecting children and that only one person from each household should come to school. Thanks to most people who are arriving at the right time and are maintaining a safe distance from other households.

We have now got seasonal illnesses to confuse the Covid-19 situation and so I am setting out the procedures you should follow for different types of illness.


This is where the confusion arises. If your child has winter type snuffles or an upset stomach, ring school to tell us and keep them at home until the illness has gone and for a minimum of 48 hours (2 days).


The well-known, Public Health England (PHE)advised symptoms are here in red:

  • Persistent Cough
  • High temperature
  • Loss/change of taste or smell


If your child has symptoms in red: Inform school. Arrange a test immediately! 

Dial 119 or for more immediate local information about testing centres go to There are walk in centres at Chesham Fold and The Mosses.

Your child should remain at home. Even if the test comes back as negative, your child should still remain in the house until they have been symptom free for 48 hours. The whole house should isolate while you wait for the test result.


Children with the virus also often have the symptoms here in blue:

  • Severe fatigue
  • Rash
  • Stomach upset
  • Conjunctivitis

If your child had one of the other common symptoms in blue: Inform school. You would be wise to get a test. Your child must remain at home for at least 48 hours until the symptoms have cleared. Play close attention to see if any of the 3 red symptoms appear. If they do, or if the symptoms don’t disappear after a few days, get a test. Please check with school before sending the child back.


If the test is positive

If the test is positive, please inform school immediately. Your child must isolate for at least 10 days and the family must isolate for 14 days from when the symptoms started.  If the child is still displaying symptoms they should not return until all symptoms except the loss of taste or smell have gone. (Please contact school if the temperature is back to normal and the child is otherwise well but still has the cough. In some cases, a return can be agreed.) Please comply with Track and Trace requests.


Other children in school

If the ill child has one of the 3 red symptoms, brothers and sisters must stay at home. If the test is positive the whole class bubble, including the adults, has to isolate at home for 14 days from their last contact with the child. We will not name the child but will give a date for return. Other household members of the class bubble sent home will not need to isolate unless their own child shows symptoms or has a positive test result.

The school will arrange work.

I will send a very useful and more simple version chart of this information with this newsletter.



On a much more cheerful note, the following children have done especially well and have won the effort award this week.

Thames – Thea B.

Zambezi – Cali C.

Nile – Clayton M.

Mississippi – Orin O.

Severn – Maison R.

Amazon – Morgan H.

Colorado – Jocelyn M.

Hudson – Emily B.


Well done. Gold ties can be worn but must be returned by Thursday for washing before the next virtual assembly.



We return any lost jumpers with clear names on as soon as we find them. If we cannot find who an item belongs to, we display them on the playground fences (when it is not raining) but have to throw them away on Friday for health reasons. Please put names clearly on everything. We have 280 blue jumpers in school.


Have a nice and safe weekend,

Yours sincerely,

 C.J. Ashley



The newsletter is below. Infection is rising at an alarming rate and colleagues in other schools have now had to start sending class bubbles home for 14 days due to positive tests.

The newsletter contains changes to our safety arrangements.

Sadly, from Monday, masks will need to be worn on school grounds. (please contact me if health issues prevent this and we will see what alternative arrangements we can make).

We will allow CLEAN lunchboxes into school.

School Lunches
Masks on School Grounds
Translation – Please press the globe icon (top right corner) – choose language.

We have to alter our risk assessment and arrangements daily with the aim of firstly keeping everybody safe as far as we can and secondly trying to avoid closure of class bubbles and/or the whole school. As you are aware this involves children isolating for 14 days causing enormous disruption for everybody. At present Greater Manchester (us) is a COVID hotspot and we are situated right next to Bolton, the worst in the UK, with new, strict measures in place.


Lunches - We have Listened - We need to limit the chances of the spread of the virus between home and school and so we have limited the bags allowed to come into the building. Up to now this included lunch boxes. Some parents have voiced their concerns over keeping food fresh in carrier bags and the issue for families (and the environment) of having to find 5 carrier bags per week. We have responded to these concerns and will allow lunch boxes to come in as long as they are deeply cleaned at home each night. We will immediately withdraw this for children who arrive with dirty lunchboxes.


School dinner choices have been reduced this week due to the time it has taken to get staggered clusters through the canteen. As children get used to the routines we are gradually widening the choice and there will be at least three options next week. I am grateful to staff who have given up their own lunchtime to serve lunches and supervise children.


Arrivals and Departures – Masks/Face Coverings to be worn - You will be aware of the new national crisis and restrictions due to the rise in infection rates. Our change of times and increasing use of the car park space improved things slightly but we have still got adults closely together.  With regret we have to stipulate that masks are worn on school grounds and that only one parent/carer brings or collects children.  This will be in place from Monday 14th September. Please arrive at exactly the right time and please clear the steps or narrow spaces on the path. Mississippi class should wait inside the fence.


Book Bags - The only items to be brought in from home are now lunch boxes (if necessary) and book bags with reading books and planners. I am aware of concerns that this could be expensive as the Fairfield book bag with road safety high viz markings costs £5. However, you do not have to buy the Fairfield bag. Any slim book bag of any colour can be used. They cost £1.50 in some supermarkets. If you are struggling, please contact me and we will spread costs of the Fairfield bag. Reading books will start going home next week. When they come back they are washed and are in quarantine until the following Monday.


Thanks for your support and my regrets at the sad new measures we are having to take,

C.J. Ashley



I am grateful to parents who have expressed any concerns that they have in a reasonable and proper manner. I have listened to the issues and those I have spoken to understand that it is my duty to try and keep our school community and its family members as safe as is possible. I also want to avoid any class bubbles having to isolate for 14 days for as long as possible.

Our arrangements are strict but far more child friendly than stories I hear from some other schools.

The views that I have heard have gone into our daily review of the risk assessment and as a result I am delaying sending out the Home School Safety Agreement until tomorrow (Wednesday) whilst amendments are considered.

PE clothes can be worn under jumpers and coats tomorrow (Wednesday) in Thames, Mississippi and Hudson classes.

Weekly News - Friday 4th September


Arrivals and Departures

Thanks for your support on new arrival and departure times. The problem with social distancing was severe on the first day but is now much improved. Please stick to the times and please keep 2 metres from people from other households. A further improvement we can make is for only one adult from each family to come onto school premises. You may have seen in the news that if a child tests positive for Covid(19) the entire class bubble has to self-isolate at home for 14 days. This has happened in one school already and we want to avoid it here. The children have missed enough school and I am sure that you want them here too!


PE Days

We want to avoid changing in school and we cannot have any bags (except school book bags) in the building. Children will therefore come to school in PE Kit (white T shirt; black shorts, leggings or joggers) under their school jumpers and coats. All PE is outdoors and so trainers rather than pumps can be worn.


Thames (YR) – Wednesday

Zambezi (Y1) – Thursday

Nile (Y2) – Thursday

Mississippi (2/3) – Wednesday

Severn (Y3/4) – Thursday

Amazon (Y4/5) – Thursday

Colorado (Y5) – Thursday

Hudson (Y6) – Wednesday

We are delighted that on these PE days, specialist coaches will work with the children.



In the event of a new lockdown or a class having to isolate we will have to increase the teaching we do via the internet. This is called “remote learning”. It is essential that we know who can receive this.

Please help us by completing the slip sent home with your child.


Thanks for your support of our emergency policies. Schools have been asked by the Council Leader to remind all parents that Bury is in an area of special restrictions and that people should be very strict on wearing masks in shops, not visiting other households and keeping to the 1+ metre rule (2m at our school).

Wishing you all a safe and good weekend,


Yours sincerely,

C Ashley

Return to School


It has been lovely to welcome our Fairfield pupils back to school this week. We are very proud of how our children have adapted to the changes we have made to keep them safe. We have added a social story and some links to some lovely reading materials to help children feel positive about returning to school.


Feeling worried? Here is a story about how it is okay to feel this way.

Ready to go back to school?

Start and Finish Times


We review our risk assessment daily. From tomorrow (03.09.20), please arrive/collect at the following times


Irwell (Nursery – from Monday) – Nursery Doors. Arrive 8.55am (5 mins to 9). Meet 2.55pm (5 mins to 3)

Thames (Reception) – Reception Class door –  Arrive 8.55am (5 mins to 9). Meet 2.55pm (5 mins to 3)

Zambezi (Y1) – Main Entrance- Arrive 8.50am (10 mins to 9). Meet 2.50pm (10 mins to 3)

Nile (Y2) - Main Entrance- Arrive 9am. Meet 3pm

Mississippi – (Y2/3) Mississipi Class door- Arrive 9.05am (5 mins past 9). Meet 3.05pm (5 mins past 3)


Severn – (Y3/4) Car Park side entrance - Arrive 8.50am (10 mins to 9). Meet 2.50pm (10 mins to 3)

Amazon – (Y4/5) Main Entrance  - Arrive 9.10am (10 mins past 9). Meet 3.10pm (10 mins past 3)

Colorado – (Y5) Car Park side entrance - Arrive 9am. Meet 3pm

Hudson – (Y6) Car Park side entrance - Arrive 9.10am (10 mins past 9). Meet 3.10pm (10 mins past 3)

Return to School - 02.09.20

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Below is the Risk Assessment for our full opening of school.

Please note Breakfast Club is from 7.50am.

There is no PE this week, so full uniform can be worn all week. Next week (week commencing 07.09.20) the children come to school in PE kits under their jumpers and coats on their special PE day.

The children do not wear face masks in school.

Full Opening of School - Wednesday 2nd September

We are delighted to be welcoming all children back for the new school year on Wednesday 2nd September.
Information about which class your child will be in was included with the school report at the end of the school year in July.

Our classes this year are

EYFS - Irwell class (Nursery) & Thames class (Reception)

Zambezi class (Y1)

Nile class (Y2)

Mississippi class (Y2/3)

Severn class (Y3/4)

Amazon class (Y4/5)

Colorado class (Y5)

Hudson class (Y6)

Please read both the general information letter and the specific letter for your child's class, both contain essential information.

KS1 & KS2 Letter for full opening
EYFS - Irwell class (Nursery) & Thames class (Reception) letter
Zambezi Class (Y1) letter
Nile Class (Y2) letter
Mississippi Class (Y2/3) letter
Severn class (Y3/4) letter
Amazon class (Y4/5) letter
Colorado class (Y5) letter
Hudson class (Y6) letter

For all updates during the period of school closure due to Covid-19, please click here

Mrs Channell - the end of an era

Please see the attached letter about our Deputy Head, Mrs Channell.