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Fairfield Community Primary School

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School Council

School Council is about what the children and staff want and think. You can do what you think will improve the school but don't go over the top e.g.a huge glass roof over the playground and lots of toys to play with! Elections are held every year. A school council representative listens and gives other school councilors advice. They take other children's ideas and take them to School Council and we put a plan in place to make them real. School Council have improved the toilets, the playground, the amount of clubs, a sensory garden with the chickens and now we're getting some  goats. See the gallery below to see some of these things. WE HAVE BEEN BUSY!    

Written by Eleanor

The 2019/2020 School Council consists of:

Name Class/ Year
Charlotte School Captain
Riley and Bella Asia
Freddie and Poppy-Ann Africa
Isabella and Henley Antarctica
Ruby and Blake North America
Ali and Jocelyn Oceania
Olivia and Ruby South America
Aliya and Elliot Europe